Confinement Sketches - featured image

Confinement Sketches

Liberated woman's eye (can't you tell?) :

crayonné oeil femme

Pyjamas jacket carelessly thrown over chair:

crayonné pyjama sur chaise

A couple of suspicious elephants :

Crayonné éléphants

Peasants' son coming back to the farm to visit his parents:

crayonné homme regarde à droite

Probably a banker of some kind:

crayonné homme bras de chemise

A botched caricature of no one in particular:

crayonné caricature


crayonné homme saute

Soviet worker looking ahead at the better days to come:

crayonné tête en l'air

The boy holds the umbrella because his dog has no opposable thumb:

Sketch Boy and Dog

American History Y main character:

crayonné Tatooed man face

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