Nicolas Boulenger

Nicolas Boulenger
Great guy. Makes films.


After graduating from École des Ponts, Nicolas studied acting at Le Magasin, screenwriting at la Maison du Film, and film production at the INA Institute.

He wrote and directed short films (France 2, Canal+), a long feature film, some commercials, and cofunded in 2018 the production company ChezFilms.

Confinement Sketches - featured image

Confinement Sketches  – 

Free woman's eye (fo figure).

Pyjamas jacket carelessly thrown over chair:

crayonné pyjama sur chaise

A couple of suspicious elephants :

Crayonné éléphants

Soviet worker looking ahead at the better days to come:

crayonné tête en l'air

The boy holds the umbrella because his dog has no opposable thumb:

Sketch Boy and Dog

American History Y main character:

crayonné Tatooed man face

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